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Law Ledger

    Web Address:

    Law Ledger Australia Pty Ltd

    Law Ledger commenced operations in Western Australia in 1994.   Law Ledger has been introduced into Queensland in the last couple of years. Law Ledger interfaces with the Internet, Microsoft Word, Excel and precedents.  Marketed as a total package.
    Features of Law Ledger:
    • Billing - Invoices are produced together with an itemisation.
    • Time Recording-Scale Fees - entry by time sheet, file, and automatic time clock.  Work in progress is kept by matter, solicitor and matter type. Court scales are incorporated to allow costing by the scale of costs
    • Document inquiry provides details of documents generated within each matter
    • Trust Accounting - Trust account reconciliation and Trust Bank reconciliation.
    • Gst compliance
    • Cheque-Receipt Printing if required.
    • Matter Inquiry - Work in progress, debtor, trust balances, unbilled office expenses and disbursments. Documents and letters generated for the matter can be viewed.
    • Office costs, facsimilies, photocopies etc. are posted to the matter for recovery when billing.
    • A creditors system with aged trial balance.
    • Debtors Aged Trial Balance reports.
    • Security Register
    • Limitation Dates Report

    Contact Details: Brisbane

    Steve Forrester
    Telephone: 07 5574  2048
    Fax: 07 5574 2048
    Mobile: 0417 921 250
    email: stevef@midware.com.au

    Queensland Users:

    The following three Queensland users represent a range from a single user to a 10 user practice:

    Price:  $2000 for first full-time fee earner,  $1000 for the second full-time fee earner and $500 thereafter for subsequent full-time fee earners. Article clerks are not regarded as full time fee earners.

    GST - Law Ledger is a registered supplier for the Government GST Direct Assistance Programme.  Purchasers with an ABN receive a $200 credit on their purchase.
    An additional discount is also being provided by Law Ledger.

    • Sole Practitioner - $100 pcm
    • 2 - 5 Fee Earner - $150 pcm
    • 6 - 10 Fee Earner - $100 pcm.