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A.   Objectives of the Analysis

To demonstrate a methodology for analysing accounting software and relating this analysis to the needs of a solicitor's firm.

The analysis of a solicitor's accounting system is hypothetical and is an example of methodology only.

Competing products on the market are analysed to determine which best fit the specifications of the hypothetical firm.

Advantages of the change versus cost to the organisation are discussed.

The most viable software investment is determined and discussed.

  Some Background to the analysis

The Queensland Law Society gives the following Profile of Solicitors in Queensland:

Some 5000 solicitors practise in Queensland - about 2000 principals and about 2600 employees.  The balance consist mainly of corporate solicitors and those employed in government departments.

Most solicitors' practices are small business enterprises.

About 70 per cent of all legal practices in Queensland are conducted by a sole principal.

Only 15 Queensland solicitors' firms have more than 10 partners.

Each solicitor in private practice directly employs an average of five staff.

The profession is labour intensive and diversified throughout the State.

Functions of the Law Society include:

  • Issuing of Practising Certificates and maintaining records relating to solicitors

  • Providing continuing legal education

  • Providing services and support to member solicitors

  • Researching and making submissions to government on matters of legal importance

  • Investigating complaints of unsatisfactory professional conduct

  • Administering the Fidelity Guarantee fund

  • Trust Account controls and receivership of trust property

  • Providing to the public a referral service to solicitors and mediators.