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Open Practice

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Midware Systems

Open Practice by Midware is a total office system that looks after everything from accounts to document production and business dvelopment.  Accounting and word-processing systems are integrated.  A 100% Windows application with a powerful reflational dtabase engine.  Open Practice is designed to grow from one to hundreds of users.

  • On screen daily reminders of work coming up, work to be done and overdue work
  • Flexible billing and credit control to help manage cash flows
  • Multiple time capture methods to match various practice styles
  • Integrates with Windows word processing and spreadsheet systems
  • Safe custody and records management
  • Time recording
  • Financial management and trust accounting
  • Document production and Management
  • Mortgage (Optional additional module)

Contact Details: Brisbane   07 3031 3131

Price:  Not readily available

Support: Details not readily available