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PC Law

Web Address:

U B Concepts

A product of the Alumni Computer Group incorporated in 1982. PCLaw ia a complete law office billing and accounting system. A download demo is available at PC Law International Site. PC Law is based in USA and Canada. and has over 15,000 users worldwide.  PC Lawjnr provides all the main and important features of general and trust accounting and automated billing (without optional modules).  There are no ongoing licence or maintenance charges.

Queensland Users:
Three Queensland users with web sites are:
  • Power & Cartwright Solicitors
    Web Address: http://www.cooloola.org.au/p&c/
    Address:  Smithfield Chambers
        239 Mary Street,
        Gympie  4570
    Phone: 07 5482 1077
    Facsimile:07 5482 4655

  • Ian Berry Solicitor
    Web Address: http://ianberrysolicitor.com/
    Address:  Ipswich
    Contact details on Web site.

  • Terry Fisher & Co. Solicitors
    Web Address:  http://enterprise.powerup.com.au/~fisher/
    Address: 84 Vulture Street
         West End
    Phone: 07 3846 5399
    Fax: 077 3846 5899
    Email: fisher@powerup.com.au

Contact Details: Brisbane

Karen McDonald
CASCADE Consulting Services Pty Ltd
Telephone: 07 3344  5554
Mobile: 0409 992 317
email: cascade@optusnet.com.au

Price:  $760 for single user single fee earner,

Support: Free for initial 90 days. After that support is optional - unlimited annual support is $205