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Perfect Balance

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Perfect Technology Pty Ltd

Perfect Balance is owned by Solution 6. It runs on both Mac and PC platforms. It fully integrates with "Worldox" Document Management Software. It is a popular option for legal firms integrating Practice and Document Management Systems. (Quality Management for the legal profession in Australia - QIL 1998 Newsletter). It is GST compliant.  It is Trust Account certified by the NSW Law Society.

Features for "Perfect Matters are:
  • Access to ledger cards, timesheets, & cost recoveries
  • Reporting of all matters opened, closed and inactive
  • Recording and Categorising of Cost Recoveries for faxes, photocopies, etc.
  • Connection to Cost Recovery Devices
  • Quick Timesheet screen times you while you work
  • Billing on time basis or quoted amount
  • Multiple solicitors can operate on the one matter
  • Integrated with General Ledger to show WIP balance on Profit &Loss, and Balance Sheet
Features for "Perfect Debtors" are:
  • Debtors Aged Analysis showing the age of Debtors for Matters and Clients
  • Fully integrated with the General Ledger and Balance Sheet
Training Seminar Schedule - June 2001

Venue: Solution 6, 42 Costin Street, FORTITUDE VALLEY
7-8th June   2 day Intro to Perfect Balance
19-20th June   2 day Intro to Perfect Balance

Contact Details: Brisbane

Graeme Gardiner
Telephone: 07 5451  1788
Fax: 07 5451 1799
email: graeme@perfectech.com.au

Oliver Hind
Telephone: 07  3847 1697
Fax: 07 3397 6942
email: oliver@perfectech.com.au

Price:  Not readily available