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111.   Recommendations

    The short list of Software Packages was narrowed down to PCLaw and Law Ledger. The choice of these two packages was largely based on accessibility of information. Unfortunately, some companies will not provide any information without a fee of some kind or a consultation.

    Both PCLaw and Law Ledger provide a downloadable demo which can be assessed for "Ease of Use". PCLaw is the only software product which provides web addresses of their clients on their website. Law Ledger provided details of three clients on email request. This information enables a further assessment to be made of the products.

    The NSW Law Society recommends that Law Society members purchasing trust account software need to consider whether the software complies with the Legal Profession Act 1987, and adjunct regulations. The NSW Law Society will undertake, at the request of a vendor, an examination of trust account and controlled money software. It is recommended that further assessment be carried out to determine whether PCLaw and Law Ledger comply with the Qld Law Society recommendations.

    It should be noted that the criteria determined is only a demonstration of the use of methodology and should not be taken as a real assessment of either product. This report was limited by a number of factors and should only be considered as a guideline for the use of methodology rather than as an accurate assessment of the software in question.

    PCLaw outperformed Law Ledger on all the performance criteria and is also very reasonably priced. The criteria for the Performance/Investment Ratio for PCLaw was 5.95. The Performance/Investment Ratio for Law Ledger was 1.59. PCLaw outperforms Law Ledger in all areas.

    While Law Ledger is GST compliant, further analysis needs to be carried out to determine whether PCLaw is also GST compliant.