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111    METHODS

The accounting system is further analysed in terms of the activities required to carry out the functions of the various subsystems of the business.

indentA.   Sub System Analysis

Sub-system Functions Action or Tasks
Clients/Debtors Invoicing Check file
Check ledger card
Post to Journal
Post to Ledger Card
indent T/Acc transfers Prepare trust/acc Chq
Bank to General A/C
Prepare Gen A/c rct
Write up in Journal
Post to Ledger Cards
indent Receipts Prepare T/Acc/Gen Acc Rct
Bank to Trust A/c/Gen Acc
Write up Receipt jnl
Post to Ledger Cards
indent Payments Prepare Cheque
Record Client disbursement
Check client record
Payroll Payments Prepare wages
Check timesheets
Prepare Transfers
Summarize wages records
Creditors Purchasing Order preparation
Post to Journal
indentPayment Check invoice
Cheque preparation
Write up Cash Payments Journal
Post to Ledger